Here are a couple of shots of a Windsor Popular Model 2, 5 String open-backed banjo , recently restored for a customer. The instrument is one of thousands made by this well known company who were based in Birmingham, England. Production of this model started in 1895 and this example is stated by the owner to be well in excess of 100 years old having been in the family since new.

My own research leads me to believe the banjo is around 110 years old at the time of writing (2002). Fortunately, despite some honest 'wear and tear' this old instrument has been brought back to 100% playable condition and is still completely original. All plated surfaces are in perfect condition and so is the high gloss polish surface on the neck. Only some fret wear and a heavily discoloured parchment head give away the age and amount of use. The original owner played this instrument in a 'banjo band' ( usually up to 40 instruments in an ensemble ) around the turn of the century.


A 2003 restoration of an unusual Gibson ES120T guitar - these were originally sold around the 1959 -1961 period as 'Student Grade' instruments.


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